Biography & Contact Info
Ryan Lack - Wheel Builder & Miniature Pot Maker
Kelly Haehl - Customer Service & Glaze Guru

We are a husband and wife team. Ryan is the main builder of the pottery wheels. Kelly takes on some gluing, sanding, and finishing. The wheels are handmade items being produced in our basement in Howell, Michigan, United States.

Ryan Lack touched clay for the first time in 2008. He always enjoyed building, inventing, and electronics, and started building his own pottery wheels around 2009. He was unable to afford a wheel when he started, so he built his first wheel (and is still the main one he uses today!) out of an old treadmill motor.

Some of his other wheels have been made within old logs, using drills and other found objects.

Currently he still makes several wheel prototypes, but the one we offer for sale is a finalized design & are uniformly built. 

We are in the process of documenting Ryan's prior builds, so check back soon for photos!

Contact information:

Please direct all questions & ordering inquiries to Kelly at